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ADP-class Escort

ADP group.jpg

Cost: N/A; Patrol Vessel
Build Time: N/A; Patrol Vessel seconds.
Hull: 800
Armor: 2
Shields: 1100
Ultra Light Plasma Torpedoes Damage: 625
Ultra Light Plasma Torpedoes Cooldown: 22
Plasma Canons Damage: 90
Plasma Canons Cooldown: 7.5
Pulse Lasers Damage: 15
Pulse Lasers Cooldown: 4
This is a vessel that can only be created in Patrol Fleets, and is not usable in mainline fleets.
The ADP is a long obsolete escort craft assigned to patrol fleets in the defense of covenant core worlds



The ADP-class Escort is among the smallest exo-atmospheric craft of the covenant navy, due to its minuscule size and age the ADP is usually left in storage on minor species worlds or assigned to defensive patrol fleets.


This ancient ship, now commonly used in defense of covenant core worlds, is a valued antique among Sangheilli shipmasters. The ADP-class Escort originated from the Age of Conversion, when the covenant began assimilating smaller client races. Conflicts with pirate factions of the period often lead to ADP-classes being commissioned by traders and pilgrims for defense against marauding forces.

As more advanced ship types and designs came to fruition, such as the infamous SDV-class Heavy Corvettes, most ADP-class Escorts were either mothballed or quietly acquired by smaller Covenant ministries in an attempt to bolster their influence.

With the advent of the Human-Covenant war however, the High Council realized that more ships would be needed to safeguard core Covenant systems while more advanced naval assets were deployed in offensive mediums. To this end, the High Council quickly swooped into long forgotten storage facilities and private drydocks to commandeer as many ADP-classes they could find to use in securing Covenant space; to great success.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The ADP has a weak compliment of plasma weaponry, though it is significantly weaker than most covenant vessels, these ships are most effective when used en masse in patrol fleets.


Made by[]

Modeled and textured by: Malcontent1692