Adjudicator Class
Adjudicator Class

Adjudicator ClassCov

Cost: CreditIcon4000 MetalIcon400 CrystalIcon200
Build Time: 54 seconds.
Uses: 50 supply.
Hull: 5000
Armor: 5, capital
Shields: 2400
Antimatter: 235
Experience value: 30
Pulse Beam Damage: 11000
Pulse Beam Cooldown: 25
Laser Blast
Elusive Shadow
Focus Fire
A capital ship specializing in long range heavy damage.



When you want to destroy powerful enemy vessels the Adjudicator Class is the best option available to you boasting the longest range, most dangerous and fastest recharging weapon in the Covenant.


During the Human-Covenant War these ships were almost never destroyed entirely thanks to their incredible weaponry that was capable of taking down almost anything that tried to get into weapons range. An interesting side of effect of these vessels was the commanders in charge were known to get extremely large egos as their kill counts rose and rose the resulting overconfidence is accredited as the main factor in the destruction of these vessels.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

This vessel is your best option for taking down your opponent's most powerful vessels or any vessels you may want to destroy for that matter. Given their long range you can consider them to be artillary and should be used as such.

Canon ReferenceEdit