Sins of the Prophets Wiki

Assault Systems[]

Given the tactical and religious significance a Haven Starbase has the Covenant in it's wisdom has elected to give Station Masters the option to enhance the weapon systems aboard their starbase. 

The ion weapon systems are a parallel to the mighty plasma torpedo just on a smaller, nimbler and less power consuming level. Their accuracy is outstanding, their destructive power is overwhelming and their ability to fire in quick succession is nothing to gawk at. In addition to their impressive strike craft defence the starbase also can be upgraded to include anti-module laser weaponry, these weapons offer amazing firepower when used in invasion operations allowing the starbase to quickly clean up enemy structures in orbit. Finally the mighty plasma torpedo is of course included boasting multiple weapon ports in all directions it can handle small fleets of ships with ease. 


The weapon system upgrades on the starbase should be upgraded on a situational basis, an economic planet has no need for any additional weapon systems where as a defencive world might make use of the increased weaponry aboard the starbase.


Upgrade available to: Haven Starbase
Stage 1 Credits1800 Metal275 Crystal 150
Stage 2 Credits1800 Metal275 Crystal 150
Stage 3 Credits2700 Metal425 Crystal 225
Upgrade Time:
  • 25 -> 60 -> 75
  • Stage 1: Laser weapons enabled
  • Stage 2: Plasma Torpedo weapons enabled
  • Stage 3: 20% damage increase