Athens-class Carrier
001 Athens.jpg
Cost: CreditIcon.png 950

MetalIcon.png 180
CrystalIcon.png 50

Build Time: 40 seconds.
Uses: 20 supply.
Hull: 7000
Armor: 7
Provisions: 12
Experience value: 30
Squadrons: 3
MAC Damage: 14
MAC Cooldown:
Archer Missile Damage: 16
Archer Missile Cooldown:
AAA Helix Gun Damage: 35
AAA Helix Gun Cooldown:
Naval coilguns Damage: 20
Naval coilguns Cooldown:
The Athens is a heavily armed warship with weapons for area defense against both light and heavy targets. The expansive hanger allow for the rapid deployment of hordes of strike fighter squadrons.



Formerly the UNSC's heavy carrier, the Athens-class was slowly phased out of service and now operates as the rebels' heavy carrier warship.


Almost three kilometers stern to bow these are some of the largest navy ships fielded by the UNSC. It was designed to transport small ships (Longswords and Pelicans) to and from battle. Unlike it's small brother, the Eion-class light carrier , the Athens also carries Pelicans and equipment for the assaulting of planets. Capable of both supporting fleets in space and on the ground with its Longswords these ships were useful in a variety of situations.

Weapons and Tactical Usage

In versions before 0.90, the Athens contains 2 fighter/bomber slots. The Athens is also capable of bombing planets, making it slightly more flexible than the Eion-class carrier.

As of 0.90.2, Athens are formidable ships: they have good stats for a support vessels. They do not consume capital slots and they are a bit cheap, while carrying three air squadrons. Seeing Hood's strategy, they are so suitable for it and they can assist both fleets and orbital defenses. However they are slow, and while it is on average due to above-mentioned Hood's thinking, they have some issues in keeping pace with offensive battle fleets. So be carefully when you are moving your naval squadrons on the offensive and they have Athens.

How to acquire

If you are playing before version 0.90, the Athens cannot be built. However, it can still be acquired. You can obtain the Athens and integrate it into your fleet by using the Spartan Boarding Party ability present on the Sahara-class Prowler. However, you may also need other ships present as well, to prevent the Rebels from destroying the newly-obtained ships immediately.

As of SotP V 0.90 to build this ship you need to select Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood as your leader and purchase the corresponding upgrade path in the Manufacture research tab.


Canon Reference

'Athens' is a non-canon class name. Officially there has only been a "Carrier" named. However this wouldn't suffice for the mod as there are several variants within the Halo universe. "Athens" is used to distinguish this particular class of ship.

Made by

  • Model - Annihilater102
  • Texture  - Annihilater102

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