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Type-27 XMF


Cost: Credits0 Metal0 Crystal0
Build Time: 20 seconds.
Hull: 170
Armor: 3, very light
Experience value: 5
Laser Damage: 19.5
Laser Cooldown: 12
Squadron of fighters good at taking out bombers.



The Type-27 Exoatmospheric Multirole Fighter (XMF) also known as the Banshee Interceptor is the Covenant standard space interceptor support class of the Covenant fleet.


The Type-27 XMF was first observed by United Nations Space Command personnel in 2527. Since then these fighters have been a plague of the UNSC, easily outmaneuvering the UNSC's Longsword fighters and bombers. Though they lack shields, the Type-27's enhanced maneuverability make them difficult targets. Numerous Type-27 XMFs assisted the Covenant in attacking the UNSC Epsilon Eridani Fleet and orbital stations over Reach during the invasion, particularly during Operation: UPPER CUT. During this engagement, numerous squadrons of Type-27 XMFs were used in conjunction with many of the Covenant's more powerful Type-31 Seraph to attack the UNSC refit station Anchor 9 and later to defend the corvette Ardent Prayer from UNSC boarders.

Given the perilous nature of the job given to the pilots of the Seraphs only the most expendable and bloodthirsty are put into the cockpit of a Seraph. As such the most numerous pilots are Unggoy and their squadron leaders, often Sangheili or Jiralhanae lead them from the shielded Type-31 Seraph.  

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

When using your Seraph Bombers to destroy UNSC Orbital Defence Platforms ensure that you have plenty of these fighters. The enemy Sabres will prioritize your fighters over the bombers making it easier for them to destroy your intended targets. 

Canon Reference[]

Space Banshee

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