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Berlin-class Frigate


Cost: Credits550


Build Time: 57 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 1700
Armor: 1
Experience value: 30
Lightly-armored with bombardment weaponry, the Berlin-class is best used for planetside assault roles.



This vessel was fielded to support in the siege of planets, but is role has since been replaced by the Charon-class light frigate.


A lack of a cost effective dedicated troop transport ship led to the creation of the Berlin-class. Without a MAC the Berlin had to be closely guarded if the troops it carries were to live long enough to combat the enemy on the ground. It's one of only a few ships that can operate in atmosphere and so can be used to support the troops when they make land fall.

Unfortunately, the Berlin ran into a number of issues, some portraying to its design, while the vast majority was because of the Covenant's unstoppable advance meant planetside siege warships were in low demand. Thus, it was widely replaced by the Charon-class light frigate because the latter had larger capacity for housing troops, supplies and civilians in the case of planetary evacuation. Later, its exterior hull was mimicked by the Geneva-class envoy, allowing for all surviving Berlins to be modified into this new design.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

While it does come equipped with Archers and Autocannons, you're in the wrong mindset to bring these into a space battle. Their purpose is simple. To siege planets. Bring a few of these along when on the assault but keep them away from the main fights. They are only one of the few ships capable of performing siege operations. The only others include the Phoenix-class assault ship, Athens-class carrier, and Thermopylae-class supercarrier.

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