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Cost: Credits400


Build Time: 18 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 2000
Armor: 2
Shields: 2800
Experience value: 10
Laser Damage: 30
Laser Cooldown:
Plasma Torpedo Damage: 59
Plasma Torpedo Cooldown:
The CAR Covenant Frigate is the smallest ship-of-the-line boasting defencive shields and much needed fleet support.



These ships are powerful and affordable early game anti-fighter vessels that can be used to protect a fleet against enemy strike craft.


The CAR Class has seen service since long before the Human-Covenant war. These ships were often captained by Elite Ultras, the Sangheilli equivalent of a junior officer however after the introduction of the Jiralhanae, many command positions were given to high standing Jiralhanae warriors. Under their command are the low caste races, the Unggoy make up the majority of the technical positions while the Kig'yar work the tactical systems, both are expected to take arms if the ship is boarded.

Because of the class based society in the Covenant these ships are considered expendable, the crews are held in low regard and the ships are made at low cost. If one of these ships survives combat on enough occasions that alone regardless of the combat scenarios is enough to warrant promotion for the captain of the vessel.

Later in the war, as the CAR-class was showing signs of decay and inefficiency, the Covenant leadership re-purposed these ships to patrol the fringes of the Covenant's territory. Though no longer used by many Covenant factions, many smaller groups have acquired these ships and used them as frontline combat vessels - something which often reveals how ineffective they really are against larger and more modern vessels.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

Cheap, quick to build and exceptionally powerful for their cost these ships will handle just about any strike craft thrown at them. Best used en masse against enemy bomber squadrons, they are easily twice as powerful as their UNSC counterpart the Stalwart-class Frigate. They were used as the Covenant's earliest frigate in the 0.56 release and as of 0.81 an anti-fighter vessel.

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