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The CDA is the Covenants premier offensive tool, rather than acting as a centerpiece of a fleet based on its weapons systems or armour, this station acts as a repair/refit platform, replenishing the fleet it occupies and providing support with its many modular upgrades.


One of few assets designed explicitly to fight Humanity, the first CDA-class Battlestation was launched by the Covenant in 2531 when Covenant commanders realized they would need a dedicated platform to support fleets in the prolonged invasion of Human space. While not necessarily impressive in combat, the vitality and staggering appearance of these stations made them among the most respected naval vehicles in the entire Covenant fleet.

Equipped with a variety of logistics bays, support facilities, hunting preserves, nanolaminate weaving complexes, and more, the CDA-class Battlestation became the centerpiece of combined Covenant fleets. Constructed out of highly modular components, no two CDA-class Battlestations were the same, each one customized in every imaginable way to best serve the fleets they are attached to. While the stations played an undisputed role in Covenant strategy and offensive campaigns, it’s insane resource cost and draining upkeep meant that few of the stations were deployed over the course of the war; and any destroyed meant an irreplaceable loss in resources. With this in mind, the CDA-class was rarely seen on the front lines, and even moreso seen without an escort.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The CDA is best positioned at the rear for support of fleets in large engagements, as the stations weapons and shields are relatively weak for its size.

This station excels in minor engagements, able to take on most small UNSC fleets.

After a battle the CDA is capable of rebuilding ships with its onboard frigate factory upgrade.


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Model - Malcontent

Texture - Malcontent


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