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Capital Ship Factory

Capital Ship FactoryCov.png

Cost: Credits1000 Metal250 Crystal 100
Build Time: 43 seconds.
Hull: 9000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 9
Phasic Barrier
Allows construction of Capital Ships. Build multiple factories to construct more ships at the same time.



Used to construct the most powerful and devastating ships in the Covenant Fleet to bring purification to any who would stand in the way of the Great Journey.


The most powerful ships in the Covenant Fleet are often more than enough to destroy small UNSC fleets with the sheer power they bring to the table. A regular Covenant frigate brings 3.1 odds in favor of victory against almost any UNSC ship, a Covenant Capital Ship easily has 10.1 odds of success. 

The enormous power these ships command requires great scrutiny to be taken when building and allocating command of these ships. In turn the San'shyuum ever diligent ensure that all Huragok are carefully guarded by the Sangheili as only the Huragok know the details of their making. The Sangheili are also chosen to determine who will command a new capital ship, to date they have only ever chosen their own species as Ship Masters.

After the war with humanity the secrets to constructing these mammoth vessels was lost, the Huragok were no longer there to construct the ships and the San'shyuum went into hiding. As such the only two species ever permitted to command these vessels, the Jiralhanae and the Sangheili both divided in their loyalties began losing ships in enormous numbers that could not be replaced as they waged war with each other. 

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Capital Ship Factory is best put on your home planet early game, this reduces the risk of it's destruction and in turn the cost of replacing it. In the late game you can use Phase Stabilizers to ensure your ships get to the front quickly.

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