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Capture Extractor[]

Both the UNSC and the Covenant realize that at times it is better to use pre-existing facilities instead of outright destroying them. In the case of rogue asteroids whether it be the Covenant or the UNSC the facilities on site will be taken over rather than destroyed to expedite the collection of resources.


Due to the long cooldown time on this ability it's sometimes worth taking two or three colony vessels to speed up the process of taking over extractors otherwise it can take up to five or ten minutes to fully convert a gravity well. It's worth noting that this ability only works on extractors in neutral territory as in any gravity well that cannot be colonized.


Ability User: Phoenix-class colony ship, DAV-class corvette
Ability Type: Active
Target: Unoccupied worlds
Antimatter Costs: 60
Cooldown Time: 60
Range: 1000
Effects: Converts target.