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The UNSC and the Covenant have very different views on colonization. During the war, the UNSC rapidly colonized worlds in the opposite direction to the Covenant's advance. The public announcement was that the billions of predicted refugees would have worlds to go to and that they also were kept secret to protect the lives that moved there. In truth ONI headquarters used this as a means to spread out the population with the intent of minimizing loss from the Covenant advance as well as to increase the workforces on planets with enormous resources to support the war effort. The resulting decision changed priorities on UNSC supported colonization towards resource extraction from the regular infrastructure and agricultural expansion.

The Covenant in addition to expanding in their regular manner during the war found that placing additional defences and infrastructure along the Human front was very advantageous. They would in turn colonize any planet with particular tactical significance and rapidly expand the orbital infrastructure of the planet to support more ships.


The UNSC should use only their unique colonization benefit to colonize any world thanks to the instant extractor and increased extraction rate it provides, it's very disadvantageous to do otherwise. The Covenant should also exercise their unique colonization benefit in order to increase the speed that extractors are built.


Ability User: DDS-class Carrier, DSC-class support ship, Phoenix-class assault ship, Phoenix-class colony ship
Ability Type: Active
Target: Unoccupied worlds
Antimatter Costs: 90
Cooldown Time: 120
DDS-class Carrier only: 120 -> 90 -> 60 -> 60
Range: 5000
Effects: Brings the planet under the user's control, allowing them to build structures on it.
DDS-class Carrier only:
  • 20% structure construction speed
  • Duration: 240 -> 480 -> 720 -> 720
Phoenix-class Assault Ship only:
  • Builds free resource extractors
  • Extractors built: 1 -> 2 -> 3