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The space forces and support assets Covenant commanders have at their disposal.


As of SotP 0.90, it has been introduced a leader-based system which allow a distinguished style of play without necessarily changing faction. As such each leader can specialize in a certain type of play, but he's not constrained to it. Buffs received have no drawbacks, meaning there are no tradeoff traits for anyone involved. These buffs are received by a linear tech path split among multiple branches of research, spanning from early to late game. Three leaders are available for each faction.

Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee[]

Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee is the most offensive leader in the Covenant roster. Emphasizing traditional Covenant tactics, based on overwhelming firepower and swift strikes, he is best suited for significant attacks in both creative and direct ways. He is diametrically opposite to Imperial Admiral Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
Herald of the Storm
  • Slipspace Jump charge up rate: +25%
  • +25% speed boost for 60 seconds - after exiting Slipspace
276 seconds Improves the charge up rate of all ships, which grants much more mobility.
Unwavering devotion
  • Rate of fire: +20% - plasma cannons, torpedoes, beams
  • Weapons range: -15% - plasma cannons, torpedoes, beams
414 seconds Improves anti-ship weapons' rate of fire at the cost of their range.
Reclamation by fire
  • Bombing damage: +20%
  • Improved rate of fire - after destroying a planet
  • Reduced shields - after destroying a planet
552 seconds Increases planet bombing damage for all ships.
A particular justice
  • Turn rate: +20% - capital ships only
  • Fleet capacity: +100
  • Weapons range: +10% - plasma lance only
  • Weapons damage: +5% - plasma lance only
690 seconds Being the last update, it considerably increases the offensive capacity of players.

Overall, Thel 'Vadamee is a leader which needs to engage his enemy constantly. Lacking static defenses, a common issue when playing Covenants, Thel's offensive bonuses grants that the enemy will focus on defending his worlds, rather than attacking the other ones. Be careful however, since the Covenant's industrial base is weaker than UNSC's one and so it is not suitable for rebuilding from scratch entire fleets quickly.

As all leaders, he has access to unique ships, namely:

  • PCS-class fireship, a vessel that is armed with an incredible amount of plasma lances. What the PCS lacks in vitality it more than makes up for in speed and sheer damage potential;
  • RPV-class light destroyer, a lighter and more nimble alternative to the CPV-class heavy destroyer. Equipped with a small fighter complement, Supreme Commander 'Vadamee uses these vessels to great effect in chasing down enemy warships and harassing enemy capital vessels. While fast, they are fragile;
  • DAS-class storm cutter. Fast, but small and incredibly fragile, the DAS supports Thel’s fleets with anti-fighter interdiction and first strike raiding capabilities;
  • Kerel-pattern assault carrier, the absolute embodiement of Thels' tactics, focusing on high mobility and overwhelming firepower, assisting against his campagin against the humans.

High Prophet of Regret[]

Regret stands as the most well rounded leader in the Covenant roster, focusing on improving both militarily and economically with Forerunner technology being appropriated for use in his fleets. He is technically a jack-of-all-trades, since he doesn't focus on a particularly field. Much more flexible than the other two Covenant leaders, capital ships and carriers are at the centre of any strategies with him.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
Divine directives
  • Tax income rate: +1.5 - capital ships only
  • Max shield points: +10%
276 seconds Increase tax income rate for capital ships and shield points for all ships.
Ordained hands
  • Max trainable bonus level: +1
414 seconds Unlocks unique abilities for all Ordainable ships - ORS, DOS and OSS. Also grants capital ships to be trained at a higher level.
The Great Journey Nears
  • Max allegiance: +5%
  • Max provisions: +15%
552 seconds Regret cannot be defeated via loss of planets as long as he retains at least one capital ship. In addition, maximum allegiance for all planets is increases, alongside maximum provision for all ships.
An Anodyne Spirit
  • Capital ship crews: +2
  • Max trainable bonus level: +1
  • Orbital logistics capacity: +1
690 seconds Being the last upgrade possible, it considerably increases Regret's number of capital ships deployable and the trainable level of their crews. Also increase orbital logistics capacity.

Overall Regret has a vast number of strategies he can play with. However some he has some bastion, such as improving the economy and the heavy use of capital ships. He is the most flexible Covenant leader.

As all leaders, he has access to unique ships, namely:

  • the OAS-class assault carrier/Syfon-pattern CAS-class. Regret’s assault carriers lack the incredible firepower and robustness seen in the titan of previous releases, but feature a number of supportive abilities that make it far better than the run of the line CAS-class;
  • the DSC-class support ship, a smaller vessel that supports the fleet with modest support abilities and carrying capability. In general, what the DSC lacks in offensive potential on its own, it makes up for in its ability to improve whatever fleet it finds itself attached to.

Imperial Admiral Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree[]

As an explorer and guardian of Covenant space, the legendary commander Xytan specializes in strong logistics and adaptability while having access to ships mostly unutilized by the rest of the Covenant. Being the opposite of 'Vadamee, its strategies are based on slow but steady expansions, having slow but resilient vessels and powerful defense technologies.

Name Improvements Upgrade time Description
Protective fervor
  • Orbital defense capacity: +4
  • Bombing damage taken: -20%
  • Price: -25% - tactical capacity planet upgrade only
278 seconds Improves planets' capacity to resist an orbital bombardment and also decreases costs for every tactical defense building.
Imperial Admiral's Zeal
  • Max hull points: +10%
  • Armor points: +4.0 - while in owned gravity wells only
414 seconds Gains for free a DRA-class utility vessel whenever a planet is colonized. Also increases maximum hull points for all ships and the armor points as well - the latter only when in owned gravity wells.
Shore up the defenses
  • Orbital defense capacity: +4
  • Max upgrade count: +2 - starbases only
552 seconds Increases starbases' maximum upgrade capacity and all planets gain additional defense capacity.
Defender of the fringe
  • Chance to replace: +10% - frigates only
  • Slipspace jump detection out to two jump
690 seconds Being the last upgrade possible, Xytan improves its capacity to protect Covenant space by detecting slipspace jumps out of two of them. He also gives a chance to replace for free frigates when they are destroyed at the capital planet.

In a similar way to UNSC leaders, Xytan is the opposite of 'Vadamee. However the lacking of defense for the Covenant as a whole is a problem that can be mitigated by unique ships Xytan has access, which are:

  • ADP-class escort, a slow but well armed escort against both enemy fighter crafts and warships. What the vessel lacks in dexterity it more than makes up for in defensive capabilities;
  • RCS-class armored cruiser, an older relative to the universally known CCS-class, it supports Xytan’s fleets with a very powerful taunt ability that pulls enemy fire towards it. While useful, the vessel’s age gives it sub-par weaponry and shielding for its size;
  • CDA-class battlestation, a mobile refit and repair station that is now relegated to Xytans fringe defense fleets.

While these are slow, they are also so resilient and versatile, and they can assume a wide range of role in a fleet. It must be noted that advancing with Xytan in enemy territory is much slower than 'Vadamee or Regret, seeing its defensive-based strategy.



Vessel Role Cost Notes
Assualt Carrier.png
- Flagship
- Heavy Assault
Conversion. Anointed. Salvation. A representation of covenant superiority bristling with weapons, shielding and oversized hangers. Able to take on entire UNSC fleets alone.
DDS-class carrier.jpgDDS-class - Early Combat Carrier
- Planetary Assault


Divine. Disciplined. Salvation The mainline carrier of the covenant navy specializing in strike craft and drop pod deployment.
DOS-class Supercruiser.jpg
- Heavy Cruiser

- Long Range Assault

Divine. Ordained. Salvation. Equipped with a forerunner targeting computer the DOS has incredible range, however the ship has sub par longevity for a covenant ship.


- Heavy Cruiser

- Mainline Fleet Combatant

Ordained. Reverence. Salvation. Dedicated warship enhanced by forerunner technology, this ships weapons core surpasses both the CPV and CCS. Capable of acting as a mainline ship, colonizer and occupation vessel.
OSS-class Battlecarrier.png
- Battlecarrier Ordained. Salvation. Sacred. One of the most powerful covenant capital ships, however lacks planetary assault capabilities.


Vessel Role Cost Notes
CAR ClassCov.png
- Anti-Fighter

- Light Early Escort



Conversion. Anointed. Reverence. Although its an older design, the CAR still manages to outgun all UNSC ships its size while providing valuable cover from strike craft.
CPV ClassCov.png
- Heavy Destroyer

- Medium Fleet Assault



Conversion. Pious. Vigilance. The CPV is a powerful Destroyer that can reliably outfight any UNSC ship up to and including some Capitals. 
CCS ClassCov.png
- Battlecruiser
- Heavy Assault
- Fleet Core


Conversion. Conformity. Salvation. The core of an effective covenant fleet, the CCS is an expensive but supremely powerful cruiser.
CCS ClassCov.png
- Armored Cruiser

- Heavy Assault

Reverence. Conversion. Salvation. The RCS is the older mainstay of the covenant fleet, able to take significant amounts of damage while remaining in combat. Its strike craft wings make this ship a useful asset in any fleet.


Vessel Role Cost Notes
Super DestroyerCov.png
- Trade Ship Anointed, Conversion. Divine. A defenseless ship meant for carrying trading goods.
ADP group.jpg
- Defense Vessel - Non-buildable
- Patrol Fleet
Anointed. Divine. Pious. A minor ship that makes up the majority of patrol fleets.
- Constructor Conversion. Conformity. Divine. A ship used to construct orbital structures. These craft are near rivals to even the Huragok in their abilities.
- Defense Vessel - Non-buildable

- Patrol Fleet

A minor ship that makes up a portion of patrol fleets.

Strike Craft[]

Vessel Role Cost Notes
Type-27 XMF Banshee
- Interceptor N/A colloquially known as the space banshee, this craft is a fast and agile opponent, great for countering enemy bomber wings.
Seraph BomberCov.png
Type-31 Seraph
- Bomber N/A The primary space fighter of the covenant. Significantly faster, more agile and maneuverable than the Type-27 as well as being able to carry a significant payload.


Vessel Role Cost Notes
CRS ClassCov.png
- Light Fleet Escort Conversion. Reverence. Salvation. A scaled-down version of a proven design, the CRS-Class is a valuable asset for the invasion of enemy worlds.
Missionary ClassCov.png
- Scout Credits100


Divine. Anointed. Vigilance. The main scout craft of the Covenant navy, inexpensive and effective.
Adjudicator ClassCov.png
- Envoy Declare. Divine. Anointed. A major diplomatic craft within the covenant, worthless in combat and in all respects other than diplomacy.
DSC Support Ship.jpg
- Colonization Credits450


Divine. Salvation. Conversion. The major fleet and ground support ship of the covenant fleet, used for colonization and light support, these craft also are utilized in the construction of starbases.
SDV Corvette New.jpgSDV-class - Light Combat Vessel Credits300


Salvation. Divine. Vigilance. A small yet powerful craft intended to be used outside of fleet combat, useful for early exploration and eventually the tracking of enemy forces.


Vessel Role Cost Notes
12115733 960227614015797 1001332609121143860 n.jpg
- Titan Ordained. Anointed. Salvation. The most powerful ship in the entire Covenant fleet, personal craft of the high prophets, capable of annihilating entire enemy battlegroups.



Structure Role Cost Notes
Cap Factory Placeholder.png

Capital Ship Factory

- Constructs Capital Ship The colossal capital ships of the Covenant navy are a source of pride across the empire, As such there is much deliberation and ceremony in the construction of such craft, Only the most faithful of Sangheilli and Jiralhanae are permitted to manage the construction of such craft.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Deuterium Extractor

- Extracts Deuterium Similar in construction to the Type-47 Scarab excavation platform, these extractors were specially designed to extract resources from asteroid formations.
Frig Factory Placeholder.png

Frigate Factory

- Constructs Frigates The frigate factories of the Covenant toil endlessly in the production of mainline warships, mainly crewed by Kig-yar and Unggoy along with several Huragok under the close watch of the Jiralhanae.
HRM Placeholder.png

Holy Relic Mausoleum

- Researches Military Technology These stations house priceless Forerunner relics to be studied by the higher powers of the San Shyuum in hopes of increasing the might of the Covenant Empire.
Refinery 2.jpg


- Increases Resource Collection These refineries are crucial in the construction process of the deuterium reactors that power the ships and stations throughout the covenant empire.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Sacred Altar

- Researches Civilian Technology These structures are utilized in the research and development of Covenant technology, many huragok are assigned to these stations under the supervision of trusted sangheilli.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Titan Foundry

- Constructs Titans Utilizing the most advanced construction technology and techniques of both the Covenant and Forerunners, these stations are tasked with constructing the personal carriers of the High Prophets of the covenant themselves.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Titanium Extractor

- Extracts Titanium Similar in construction to the Type-47 Scarab excavation platform, these extractors were specially developed to extract resources from asteroid formations.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Trade Port

- Generates Income From Trade The trade port acts as a hub of commercial and passenger travel among the vast sections of the Covenant Empire.


Structure Role Cost Notes

Hangar Defense

- Strike Craft Defensive Station These stations carry numerous Covenant strike craft squadrons and the supplies necessary to sustain a prolonged defensive, these are the first line of defense against incursions into Covenant space.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Slipspace Beacon

- Slipspace Jump Point The Slipspace beacon allows the already superior Covenant faster than light drives to reach far off planets in accelerated rates.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Patrol Station

- Main Defensive Station These stations act as a beacon for defensive craft, in the event of an incursion into Covenant space these stations call in all able craft to hold off until the main battlefleets can arrive to provide support.
Sotp wiki placeholdericon.png

Huragok Bay

- Repair and Refit Station These stations mainly manned by the highly advanced Huragok provide repairs, refueling, supplies and refits to any fleets in range.