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Adjudicator Class.png
DDA-class Shuttle

Adjudicator ClassCov.png

Cost: Credits550


Build Time: 45 seconds seconds.
Uses: 4 supply.
Hull: 272
Armor: 2
Shields: 1088
Experience value: 0
Diplomatic Immunity


The Covenant's Envoy. Used to improve relations with other factions.



These ships are used to improve diplomatic relations with the Covenant and their desired allies.


Whenever a race is beyond conquest or deemed worthy of negotiation the DDA-class is employed. Throughout the history of the Covenant there have only been a few instances where such measures were taken. When the Mgalekgolo were first discovered by the Covenant they were considered heretics; this was in part because of a certain breed of their species that ate and made their homes in the Forerunner facilities, and in doing so all but destroyed the relics.

The resulting war played off similarly to the Human-Covenant War with the Mgalekgolo having extremely limited success in space combat and like the Humans a great success rate on the ground. After many years the Mgalekgolo were at the point of extinction, however diplomatic talks opened, the resulting agreement doomed the entire Mgalekgolo population capable of eating Forerunner relics to extinction and all other breeds were forced to join the Covenant.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The obvious tactical advantage of diplomacy is that you gain allies and, through various pacts and trade agreements, a number of significant advantages can be gained over your opponents.



  • Changed the model to the old DOS-class placeholder
  • Reduced hull strength and shields by 528 and 112 respectively
  • Reduced built-time by 12 seconds
  • Increased armor by 1


  • The DDA-class has a history of copying other Covenant ship designs; in 0.56 release, it had the same model as the DAV-class, and in 0.75 it used the old DOS-class supercruiser|DOS-class model.

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