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Defencive Enhancements[]

Given the tactical and religious significance a Haven Star Base has the Covenant in it's wisdom has elected to give Station Masters the option to enhance the shields and armour of their starbases.

When the commission is approved Huragok personal are sent along with large containers of pure metal. The Huragok with their mysterious ways somehow manage to transform the metal into extremely thick armour plating which greatly improves the structural integrity of the station. In addition to the metal advanced shield technology is sent to the station as well as power generators reverse engineered from Forerunner technology.


When considering whether you need more durability on your starbase consider first if it will be attacked and how intense the force will be. Most worlds won't need a defencive starbase and are better served with more economic upgrades though for your front line worlds defencive upgrades are a must.


Upgrade available to: Haven Star Base
Stage 1 Credits1800 Metal275 Crystal 150
Stage 2 Credits1800 Metal275 Crystal 150
Stage 3 Credits2700 Metal425 Crystal 225
Stage 4 Credits2700 Metal425 Crystal 225
Upgrade Time:
  • 60 -> 60 -> 60 -> 75