Sins of the Prophets Wiki

Deploy Starbase[]

Both the Covenant and the UNSC deploy starbases regularly to act as tactical, economical or strategic hubs. For the UNSC each Anchor Station is produced at extremely minimal cost using a preestablished module that can deploy itself when in the appropriate position, the overall construction time as such is extremely fast and a station can be fully operational in a matter of hours.

The Covenant are also very capable of constructing stations extremely quickly though this is in no part due to their own ingenuity. The Covenant instead horde thousands of tons of metal onto their Pious-class vessels and hundreds of Huragok, once in position the Huragok are released with orders to construct a Haven Starbase. The Huragok all too happy to help will finish constructing the starbase with basic defences and shielding in less two hours, these stations are usually only a few kilometres long before upgrades are taken but regardless it's an extremely impressive feat.


When deploying your starbase make sure that you put it in a position where it is most advantageous, as the Covenant this isn't an issue since the stations can move however for the UNSC things are different. Economic starbases should be put as far away from where enemy ships will Slip in as possible, this gives the station's strike-craft more time to intercept attackers. Defencive starbases should be placed around your SMACs since the anti-strike-craft weapons it has are excellent at defending the very vulnerable SMAC.

One of the more unique advantages the Covenant has that shouldn't be exercised by the UNSC is the ability to deploy starbases offensively. A Haven Starbase can easily be built at an extremely fast pace and with just one upgrade in Assault Systems the anit-module laser weapons are unlocked making this a good siege unit.


Ability User: Hephaestus-class ACU, Pious-class
Ability Type: Active
Cost: Credits1575 Metal210 Crystal 225
Cooldown Time: 10
Range: 1000