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Deuterium Extractor

Deuterium ExtractorCov.png

Cost: Credits250 Metal0 Crystal0
Build Time: 29 seconds.
Hull: 5000
Armor: 4, module
Experience value: 5.5
Phasic Barrier
Extracts raw resources from Deuterium asteroids.



Essential for every player, it is used for extracting Deuterium necessary for building and research.


Stations such as these are operated almost exclusively by the Unggoy. There are a number of reasons for this like their already existent gas masks, their uncanny strength and the sheer number of them available due to their species' enormous reproduction rate.

Life on these stations is often very difficult so the Sangheili have no desire to trouble themselves with the affairs involved in their operation. The Unggoy in turn are left to maintain their own workforce under the command of a Deacon, a great liberty considering the slave-like role the Unggoy play in the Covenant. Whenever a station's quota is not met however a Jiralhanae Station Master is sent in to the great dismay of both parties. Famous for their aggressive nature Jiralhanae Station Masters find it all the more aggravating to be put in such intolerable positions and are known to kill off Unggoy workers just for a bit of respite from the daily grind of their lives. 

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