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Drop Pods[]

The Sangheili have a long standing history of combat prowess and are considered to be significantly more skillful in every form of hand to hand combat than all but the most well trained UNSC marines and the Spartans. Their reputation is well earned as many Sangheili have been known to either stealth in or blindly charge towards UNSC lines to engage in hand to hand combat.

When the Sangheili began to witness the effectiveness of the ODST Drop Pod they began experimenting with their own version of the same technology. This was not as controversial as one might expect as the Sangheili have a great respect for capable opponents and are more than willing to incorporate enemy technology if it works to their advantage.

The resulting drop pods were over-sized, had extremely limited maneuverability and were extremely cramped, a Sangheili only had room for himself and his weapon of choice, no additional supplies. In comparison to their ODST counterparts they had far worse survival rates especially at high orbit and the Sangheili inside thanks to limited armaments and no communications were far less organized and devastating.


During the early-game this ability will help you take worlds far more quickly than otherwise possible which reduces the time your opponent has to recover from a world loss. During the late-game it becomes less necessary and should only be taken if nothing else can as the Covenant bombing damage upgrades are extremely potent.


Ability User: DDS-class Carrier, Salvation-class
Ability Type: Active
Target: Enemy worlds
Antimatter Costs: 90 -> 80 -> 70
Cooldown Time: 40 -> 45 -> 50
Waves: 2 -> 4 -> 6
Range: 5000
  • 80 damage per wave