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Frigate Factory

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Cost: Credits600 Metal80 Crystal 80
Build Time: 43 seconds.
Hull: 8000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 9
Phasic Barrier
Allows construction of support ships. Build multiple factories to construct more ships at the same time.



This station is used to construct support and combat frigates for the Covenant Fleet in all stages of the game.


Traditionally used to construct smaller sized vessels in the Covenant Fleet it is operated and inhabited by the Huragok and only they know how to construct the marvelous wonders that make up the Covenant Fleet. Due to the unstable nature of the Covenant only the Sangheili, guardians of the San'shyuum are allowed to maintain their own fleet and even then only the Huragok may actually construct the ships. All other races with the exclusion of the San'shyuum are not permitted to construct nor maintain their own fleets, all ships are given on the basis of control being retained by the San'shyuum and the powers given being fully revocable at their pleasure. 

The enormous superiority the Sangheili have gives them the understandable opinion that they are the supreme species second only to the San'shyuum, they often find themselves gloating their fortune most particularly to the Jiralhanae. The Jiralhanae with their dominate nature find this insulting and make regular efforts to undermine the position of the Sangheili an attempt that was later successful after the Prophet of Regret was killed under the watch of the Sangheili. 

Post the Human-Covenant War the entire Sangheili ship line was terminated, not a single ship was being constructed or repaired because the Huragok were no longer under their service and the San'shyuum had abandoned them. The Jiralhanae still under the blessing of the San'shyuum were able to continue building ships but after several years the San'shyuum in fear for the continuation of their species abandoned the Jiralhanae leaving them with no new ships. In the following years the Jiralhanae's tactical naivety began to show as the Sangheili rapidly gained the advantage.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Frigate Factory is best put close to your front lines in the early stages of the game, this allows you to minimize transit time between worlds which helps you to gain more momentum. In the late game you can keep these factories further back and use Phase Stabilizers to ensure your ships get to the front quickly.

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