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Gyges Construction Drone


Hull: 850
Armor: 2
Experience value: 10
None Damage:
None Cooldown:
Leader in vacuum construction for over a century.


« I will simply kill them off.
A Gyges either displaying sarcasm or alarming tendencies

The Gyges Construction Drone is a large mobile automaton in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in the construction of the UNSC's orbital, as well as asteroid-based, structures.


Since their initial design and construction, the Gyges has built countless orbital structures for the UEG, the UNSC, and many human corporations. Using a simple but intuitive construction method the Gyges has been the leader in vacuum construction for well over a century, beating any potential competitors and even newer revisions. Whether it be the construction of the ship itself or the affection the class's operators have for it, there is something magical about the Gyges that will keep it in use for the foreseeable future.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Gyges drone has no weapons and cannot move outside of gravity wells. Even the weakest Covenant or human weapon can knock out these fragile machines. It can, however, disassemble enemy structures still in position around a newly-captured planet but generally are better put to use immediately constructing new structures of your own.

Some care can be taken to have them avoid combat in the case of an enemy invasion of one of your gravity wells; if you don't have a fleet to distract the enemy and they are taken down while trying to build defenses, any constructions grind to a halt until the drones can respawn.


  • A non-canon design, their name Gyges refers to the Hecatoncheires of Greek mythology, enormous and strong giants with fifty heads and a hundred arms. The machine's myriad robotic arms makes this a fitting name.
  • Markings on the hull indicate these droids are contracted to the UNSC by the BXR Mining Corporation.
  • The voice lines display what sounds like a Mediterranean accent. Despite being designated as drones, it's unsure if the voice is from an AI or human pilot or remote operator.
    • Its line about "killing them off," combined with its being an automated machine could be a reference to hostile AI in popular culture such as Skynet from the Terminator film series.

Made By[]

  • Model - Velo
  • Texture - Zero

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