Sins of the Prophets Wiki

|button = Hanger Defence.png
|race = Covenant
|name = Hanger Defence

|image = Hanger DefenceCov.png
|cost = Credits700 Metal120 Crystal 70
|buildtime = 65
|hull = 4000
|armor = 8, module
|experience = 12
|note = Phasic Trap
|desc = Planetary Defence for Covenant worlds.}}
The most common defence structure for Covenant worlds it boasts two fighter squadrons and a Phasic Trap ability that allows it to suppress enemy squadrons. ==History==
The Covenant historically have always have superior ships to whatever faction they chose to engage with. With their enormous superiority they have found that the need for planetary defences has been negligable and as such have never employed them on any worlds.

Things changed though with the beginning of the Human-Covenant war, never before had the Covenant faced a faction that employed covert ops. Spartan teams numerously and effectively found their way into Covenant held space and inflicted massive damage. Realizing that combating the Spartans on the ground was suicide the Covenant began employing planatery squadron defences that could take out large strike craft or numerous drop pods, a tactic employed often by the UNSC. These defences had great effect and forced the UNSC to consider new, less direct approaches to covert op missions.