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Haven Starbase

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Cost: Credits1575 Metal210 Crystal 225
Build Time: 78 seconds.
Hull: 8000
Armor: 6, module
Shields: 14000
Experience value: 400
Ion Cannon Damage: 80
Ion Cannon Cooldown: 15
Laser Damage: 500
Laser Cooldown: 20
Plasma Torpedoes Damage: 1300
Plasma Torpedoes Cooldown: 28
Stabilize Slipspace
A Covenant Holy City.



These massive structures operate as sanctified and holy mobile cities, offering excellent planetary defence via squadrons and it's impressive weapons. In addition to it's excellent defencive capabilities the station can act as a Slipspace Stabilizer, Trade point, or repair station.


The Covenant is home to many species most of whom live on their home worlds or colonies, the San'shyuum are the exception. The San'shyuum millennia ago lost their home world to what they describe as a natural disaster and ever since they have been nomads until the formation of the Covenant. With the Covenant came a need to settle down and their choice was to settle in space, with this decision came the formation of mighty space stations which would come to be known as holy cities. These stations overtime were re-purposed as fleet rally points when High Charity was built.

The enormous resources required to build these stations found them limited use during the Human-Covenant war, they were often kept secret and used to rally enormous fleets of ships, it was a staging ground such as this that was able to host the invasion force for Reach, over 700 ships. The stations also range in size from massive stations with dimensions hundreds of kilometres long to smaller stations at around 50kms, none the less they are considered massive by anyone's definition and are feared rightly so.

High Charity stands as the greatest Starbase to ever exist with the exclusion of Forerunner created worlds. At over 500kms in size, boasting more defences than even Reach and also acting as the home of almost the entire San'Shyuum population it was the centre of Covenant religion and government before it's destruction in 2552.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Starbase is the best defensive option available to the Covenant, you should put one on every planet you want to defend. It boasts massive damage and survivability and can host up to 14 squadrons, it will also chase after your enemy. In addition to all this it's invulnerable to Flood conversion and can act as a Trade Port, Phase Stabilizer or Regeneration Bay though at a slightly inferior capacity. It's also very cheap to field though to be effective it does require upgrades.

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Abilities and Upgrades[]

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Assault Systems
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Defencive Enhancements
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Squadron Facilities
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Merchant Cargo Bays
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Enforced Loyalty
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Docking Booms
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Debris Vortex
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Frontal Deflector Shield
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Slipspace Stabilizer Arrays

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