Heavy SeraphEdit

An interesting tactic used by the Ship Masters of the DDS-class Carrier is to outfit their Seraphs with advanced shielding. Although it may sound unremarkable, for a Ship Master to care about the low caste races and especially the Jiralhanae is a rare thing, none the less it has occurred on multiple occasions. Perhaps this is a testament to the combined faith the Covenant shares and their conviction against Humanity.


This is worth taking to improve your carrier's bombers for when they engage UNSC static defences and Sabre-craft. It's also useful in fleet engagements to help your strike-craft survive the anti-strike-craft weapons that are outfitted in the UNSC fleet.


Ability User: DDS-class Carrier
Ability Type: Passive
Target: Ship owned Seraphs
  • Increase damage by: 12% -> 24% -> 36%
Increases armor by: 2 -> 3.5 -> 5