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Hephaestus-class Automated Construction Unit (ACU)

Cost: Credits800 Metal250 Crystal150
Build Time: 18 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 3000
Armor: 3
Experience value: 50
The Hephaestus Automated Construction Unit allows for the manufacture of starbases in deep space without the need of planetary support.



A mostly automated ship used for the construction of the Anchor Station, the Hephaestus-class ACU has since been retired and declared obsolete.


Built for the UNSC to suit it's deep-space construction needs the Hephaestus is essentially just a space station but in transit. Containing all the parts and facilities that would be needed to finish a project the Hephaestus would be sent through secured space to construct whatever it was supposed to, often times deep-space Anchor Stations. The system was very much automated, although the craft still need a small human crew.

In 2546, the Hephaestus-class ACU's designers, after failing to renew their contract, lost their contract to produce Anchor Station's deep space construction platforms after Phoenix Spaceways won the contract. As a result, Phoenix-class Colony Ships are now used to build them in both planetary orbit and deep space, while the disposable Hephaestus-class has since been removed from service.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

Hephaestus-class ACUs are unarmed and very poorly armored, so can be easily be destroyed by a defensive fleet. Only send them in after your fleets have secured the gravity well.



  • The Hephaestus-class ACU has been removed, its ability is transferred over the to Phoenix-class Colony Ship.


  • Changed the ACU ability to show its been moved to the Phoenix-class Colony Ship.

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