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Cost: Credits450 | Metal70 | Crystal5
Build Time: 14 seconds.
Uses: 8 supply.
Hull: 1800
Armor: 4
MAC Damage: 9
MAC Cooldown:
Ares missile Damage: 22
Ares missile Cooldown:
Naval coilgun Damage: 13
Naval coilgun Cooldown:
AA Autocannon Damage: 15
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Ares Missiles
Sustained DPS destroyer - Slightly lacking in survivability, but can output a consistent torrent of damage on enemy targets with heavy missiles and naval coilguns.


« Ready to kick some ass.
A Hillsborough captain eager for battle

The Hillsborough-class light destroyer is a heavy escort ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in fleet support and direct combat.


« Now technically obsolete in the UNSC Navy, the Hillsborough-class destroyer still can put up a decent fight in respectable numbers. Armed with a surplus of massive Ares missiles and naval guns, the Hillsborough excels at saturating targets under constant fire without pause.
The Hillsborough's shipyard description

This ship is exclusive to Admiral Preston Cole.


Dating back to the early 2400's, the 526-meter-long Hillsborough-class light destroyer was once the deadliest human combat vessel of its time. Now technically obsolete, the class can still put up an impressive fight if used correctly.

Its relatively sturdy, time-tested design proved to be the CMA Heracles' saving grace when Battlegroup 4 engaged a Covenant OSS-class battlecarrier over Harvest at the start of the Human-Covenant war. While her Charon-class frigate escorts Vostok and Arabia were instantly wiped out, Heracles survived, albeit with heavy damage, and managed to escape to Reach.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

As per Admiral Cole's strategy, the Hillsborough favors offense and mid-ranged firepower. It is armed with strong missiles and coilgun batteries which, in combination, allow for good sustained damage over time. When going on the offensive, manning a fleet with these will bolster its firepower for when the battle moves to close-quarter combat.

The Hillsborough serves as sort of a halfway between the smaller, more modern Halberd-class destroyer, which has a pair of superior MACs and better armor, and the more affordable Paris-class heavy frigate. Compared to the Halberd-class, its own single MAC only does a third of the damage so it does not have as much outright power to help knock enemy shields down during the opening stage of engagements. Its hull points and armor are the same as a Paris-class frigate, so it cannot take as much damage as its cousin. However, It costs less in supply and resources and can be built slightly faster than the Halberd, while equal or better to the Paris in every way for its price.

  • Ares Missiles: Although older and less efficient than the Archer missile, the Ares missile carries a much larger explosive payload. This payload has been optimized for maximum concussive effect, and will disrupt the more delicate, sophisticated systems on any target hit by it.
    • Missile damage more than doubles and provides a small fire rate debuff to targets.

Overall, to compensate for their weaker alpha strike capability pair these ships with vessels equipped to knock out shields such as the Artemis-class and tougher ships like the Halcyon-class to try and keep them alive and firing as long as possible. Avionics Overhaul is a must and Coilgun Upgrades are highly recommended for this vessel.



  • The Hillsborough's design is closely based on the design of the CMA Heracles as depicted in the comics and the Fall of Reach animations.
  • The Hillsborough shares a number of similarities and ingame assets with other UNSC ships.
    • It shares voicelines with the Halberd-class destroyer.
    • It shares a number of visual elements (such as the prow) and the fleet HUD icon with the Paris-class heavy frigate.


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