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Holy Relic Mausoleum

Holy Relic MausoleumCov.png

Cost: Credits750 Metal60 Crystal 80
Build Time: 54 seconds.
Hull: 9000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 10
Phasic Barrier
Gives the Covenant ability to study holy relics for new weapons technology.



Used to advance Covenant military technology by reverse engineering Forerunner artifacts.


The Holy Relic Mausoleum is a sacred place where Forerunner artifacts are taken to be researched and examined by the Huragok. No expense is too great when ensuring that the relics examined in these facilities are treated with the greatest respect, failure to do so results in charges of heresy and more often than not the punishment is death. Fortunately for the UNSC the pains taken to protect the Forerunner relics by the Covenant have severely slowed their technological advancement, the UNSC in turn not hindered by the same restrictions have made enormous progress in reverse engineering Forerunner technology.

It is well known by the UNSC that these facilities are responsible for almost all of the advanced technology the Covenant commands, the UNSC in turn have made these facilities high priority targets, to be destroyed on sight and with no reservations. This is often a difficult task though as these facilities are often protected by overwhelming fleets all radically devoted to the protection of the Forerunner relics inside. 

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