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« Have no fear; Infinity is here!
Infinity's captain coming to the fleet's aid


Cost: Credits25000


Build Time: 369 seconds.
Uses: 2 command, 200 supply.
Hull: 24000
Armor: 18
Shields: 70000
Provisions: 117
Squadrons: 8
MAC Damage: 220
MAC Cooldown:
Missile Damage: 85
Missile Cooldown:
AA Autocannon Damage: 55
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Planet Bombing Damage: 120
Shiva Missile Tubes

Shield Regeneration
Pinpoint Slipspace Jump
Strident Deployment

Focused-fire Titan - The Infinity-class is a massive warship armed with a devastating array of weapons and heavy shielding.

 The Infinity-class supercarrier is an experimental super-capital ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in all roles, from supreme flagship roles to exploration.


« The Infinity-class is the finest ship the UNSC has ever produced. Bristling with four of the most powerful MACs ever made, powerful shielding, hundreds of autocannons, and thousands of missiles of varying strengths and purposes.
Infinity's Factory Description

Only one Infinity-class can be built at a time.


After more than a decade of constant losses in space and land, many hundreds of the Outer Colonies were decimated by the Covenant's advance. For the first time in their long history, the UNSC's leaders, the admiralty, were forced to consider that Earth may eventually be found and threatened even with the activation of the Cole Protocol. Numerous plans and ideas were proposed, and the desperation of the Admiralty forced many of them into service. In 2537, they began construction of the most desperate of plans; the construction of the human dreadnought, the UNSC Infinity. The massive vessel's original purpose was to carry the remnants of the human race should Earth fall to the alien onslaught.

Despite the project bringing the UNSC to near-bankruptcy, it was not completed before the end of the Human-Covenant War. In 2553 it was retooled as a multirole exploration, scientific, and diplomatic vessel, intended to carry out missions far beyond human space. Following its commissioning the Infinity conducted many operations throughout the Orion Arm of the galaxy, the three most notable of which were attempting to find the remaining Halo Rings, assisting the Arbiter's Swords of Sangheilos against pro-Covenant factions, and the Requiem campaign.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

With four powerful MACs (one salvo takes out around 40,000 shield points off a covenant capital) and a cooldown rate of approximately 17 seconds, the Infinity is able to take on Covenant capital ships with ease. As it is more focused on dealing single-target damage, it is best accompanied by a fleet during engagements, and being quite a tanky ship is a welcome damage-sponge so its much more fragile fleet members can keep firing.

  • Shiva Missile Tubes: Launches a thermonuclearweapon at an attacking enemy target. The Shiva can be outfitted with various payloads and explosive yields. -NOTE- Will only autofire when 3 or more targets are in range.
    • Fires a nuke salvo with many debuffs aimed at hampering numerous targets. Can be set to autocast.
  • Shield Regeneration: Regenerates the shields of nearby friendly targets over time.
    • Increases shield recharges for any friendlies nearby with shields. Can be set to autocast.
  • Pinpoint Slipspace Jump: The Infinity performs a highly accurate and instantaneous slipspace jump to another point in the gravity well. Disables slipspace engines for 30 seconds after the jump.
    • The ship instantly relocates to another location within a large radius. Can be set to autocast.
  • Strident Deployment: The Infinity deploys several Strident-class heavy frigates from its launch bays to assist in battle.
    • Spawns up to ten Strident-class frigates at the Infinity's position. These ships do not cost resources or require fleet capacity, but, unless destroyed beforehand, will despawn after a short time. Can be set to autocast.

While it is arguably the sturdiest ship in terms of hull points and shields combined (89k with 17 armor value and 80.9k shield rating (with all armament and armor researched)), covenant plasma torpedo fire en-masse can quickly deplete its shields, so it is best to keep an eye on the Infinity as Covenant AI may tend to focus its power on the Infinity. Its loss is particularly devastating given its sheer cost and time to build. The ship can use its pinpoint slipspace jump ability to either escape enemy fire or jump right into retreating enemy ships to prevent their escape.



  • Although each Infinity built has its own name, it always displays "Infinity" on its hull and one of its voice lines specifically mentions the Infinity's AI "Roland."
  • Being a titan, only one can be built at a time, and only one is operation in the lore. However, technically two ships of this class exist; Infinity's sister ship Eternity has yet to be completed, further delayed by the necessary scavenging of parts to repair Infinity after it suffered severe damage.



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