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Mako-class corvette


Cost: Credits275 Metal20 Crystal15
Build Time: 9 seconds.
Uses: 12 supply.
Hull: 600
Armor: 4
Experience value: 30
Archer Missile Damage: 38
Archer Missile Cooldown:
Onager MAC Damage: 30
Onager MAC Cooldown:
One of the smallest slip-space capable vessel. Specializes in anti-fighter work.



The Mako-class was employed by the UNSC in an anti-strikecraft capacity and has since been replaced by the Stalwart-class light frigate.


The aging Mako-class has a bad reputation for being stolen, as several were used by Insurrectionist to combat UNSC forces during the Insurrectionist war. It is one of the smallest ships in the UNSC navy to be equipped with a reliable slip-space drive. This ship is used in an anti-strikecraft capacity, as it sports Onager MACs which fire powerful shots compared to AAA guns. Despite this, however, the class as since been replaced by the Stalwart-class Light Frigates

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

It's equipped with with a single Onager MAC gun and Archer missiles. All inline with taking out small fast crafts such as fighters, bombers, and enemy corvettes. Usage is simple. If the enemy is pumping out strikecraft or corvettes then start using these as a counter play.

These ships only naturally spawn at a barren planet or large barren planets.


  • Model - Annihilater102
  • Texture - Annihilater102


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