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Plasma Refinery

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Cost: Credits1500 Metal125 Crystal 175
Build Time: 64 seconds.
Hull: 13000
Armor: 5, module
Experience value: 14.4
Phasic Barrier
These refinery stations are the backbone of the Covenant military and economy, producing the pinch fusion reactor materials needed to drive the Covenant Navy.



Used to purify the metals and crystals that are used in all manner of Covenant technology from weapons to ships and much more into a transportable, malleable state.


The labor that is required at a Plasma Refinery is intense, the higher species of the Covenant find it distasteful to step foot on these stations thus many of them place the burden on the lesser castes. Due to this the crew aboard these stations is majority Unggoy, who run willingly into the brutal conditions of the refineries forges. The Unggoy are one of the most capable species among the covenant when it comes to extreme conditions and excel when performing tasks with other Unggoy. Many are hurt or killed during the operation of these stations, whether due to workload or stupidity, these stations are dangerous places, even more so when under the supervision of a Jiralhanae. Most of the time these stations are staffed by only Grunts, however on occasion Brute chieftains are put in charge, this usually results in an increase in productivity and workplace accidents.

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