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Misriah-Traxus R&D Lab


Cost: Credits750 Metal50 Crystal25
Build Time: 58 seconds.
Uses: 1 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 6000
Armor: 0


The Misriah-Traxus R&D Lab is an orbital structure contracted by the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in the research and improvements of the UNSC's weapons, warships, and tactics to give humanity every edge it can get.


« Gives the ability to research new military technologies.
The Lab's description


Misriah Armory is a major weapons, armor, and vehicle manufacturer based on the planet Mars in the city of Shoreline. It supplies a significant portion of the weapons and matériel used by the United Nations Space Command, and is considered the largest military weapons and equipment manufacturer in human history. With the war has come a great necessity to band together, so, in combination with Traxus Heavy Machinery, Misriah has begun establishing joint research and development facilities in orbit around planets where staff can conduct tests and research with direct access to resources and places to test their findings.

Most of the UNSC's small arms and field equipment, as well as many terrestrial and aerospace vehicles, are produced by Misriah Armory. In addition to their own designs, Misriah manufactures technology created by other firms, most notably AMG Transport Dynamics' M12 Warthog. The company also sells combat-grade weapons (presumably demilitarized) on the civilian market. Products, at least on planet Reach, were distributed through the Department of Supply Distribution.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

You will need at most, five of these structures in order to gain access to the highest possible research the UNSC's military line has to offer, and they each only take up a single slot: you can choose to build them all around a single planet or spread them out. Take care early on to keep them from being destroyed: they're not costly or very slow to build but their loss can prevent valuable research.

Canon Referenc[]

The lab is a non canon facility based on assets from the Anchor station seen in Halo: Reach.

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