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Misriah-Traxus R&D Laboratory

R&D Lab.png

Cost: Credits750 Metal60 Crystal80
Build Time: 68 seconds.
Uses: 4 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4500
Armor: 0
Experience value: 30
Used for improving and researching new UNSC military technology. Each lab also slightly improves the build time for frigates and capital ships.



Misriah-Traxus R&D Labs are used for researching new technologies for UNSC players, including ships and technological advances in weapon, engineering, and armor tech. Some research options require huge efforts and many stations must collaborate to discover a breakthrough.


Working closely with ONI and NavCom weapons manufacturing juggernaut Misriah Armory teamed up with Traxus Heavy Industries to create the Misriah-Traxus R&D Laboratory. These stations, equipped with the latest technological advancements, led to the advancement of many UNSC technologies. Not all stations were manned by civilian contractors however with some dedicated to ONI only research. In fact many stations were involved in classified research projects such as the the 'Aegis' project, which led directly to shielded UNSC ships.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

These labs are completely unarmed and very weak. They should be protected from marauding enemy forces, as they are easily destroyed. A common strategy is to place all structures in very low planetary orbit, and protect them with several SMAC stations

Canon Reference[]

Part of a research station was shown in the Halo: Reach trailer and was an inspiration for the SotP model. The Misriah-Traxus Military Laboratory as a whole is a non-canon facility however.

Made By[]

  • Model - Lord_set
  • Texture - Annihilater102

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