Nano Weapon Jammer
Nano Weapon JammerCov.png
Cost: CreditIcon.png 1000 MetalIcon.png 150 CrystalIcon.png 175
Build Time: 54 seconds.
Hull: 6000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 10
Nano Weapon Jammer
Causes hostile ships' weapons to have a longer cooldown.



Used by the Covenant to suppress enemy invasion in the unlikely event that enemy forces enter their space.


There is very little need to place orbital defenses in Covenant space, mass invasion is almost unheard of and any invasion is often well known in advance and easily countered. There are occasions though where covert missions by UNSC Spartans have gone by unnoticed, in these occasions the enemy is often dealt with by Hanger Defence and crippled further by the Nano Weapon Jammers.

The more common use for these platforms is to suppress counter attacks by UNSC forces on conquered worlds. The UNSC has a common habit of trying to retake strategically important worlds as evident with Harvest, the resulting conflicts are executed very carefully by the UNSC and had a 60% success rate. When the Covenant deemed the rate of defeat was too high Nano Weapon Jammer started to get deployed to suppress enemy ships on conquered human worlds. The systems on board resulted in lengthened recharge times for UNSC MAC weapons which all but ensures Covenant victory on a lot of occasions.

Weapons and Tactical Usage

These platforms are exceptional when placed on locations you know the enemy will Slip in at. Given it's limited target acquisition it is worth putting two or three of these together to suppress enemy ships.

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