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Cost: Credits735


Build Time: 26 seconds.
Uses: 16 supply.
Hull: 4500
Armor: 4
Squadrons: 2
MAC Damage: 26
MAC Cooldown:
Missile Damage: 26
Missile Cooldown:
AA Autocannon Damage: 15
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Coilgun Damage: 30
Coilgun Cooldown:
Aggressive light carrier - Lightweight carrier specializing in alpha strike damage and planetary siege-sacrifices survivability for speed and maneuvering.


« Hornet's nest: ready to sting.
A Noryang's captain prepping fighters for launch

The Noryang-class light carrier is a support ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in rapid assaults, able to keep up with the fleet and dish out punishment at range.


« Aging in design but still tactically useful in planet siege and fast assaults, the Noryang-class Carrier is a vessel with impressive speed and agility. It can inflict higher than average damage with its oversized MAC, making it crucial in alpha strikes, but its other weapons are considerably lacking.
The Noryang's shipyard description

This ship is exclusive to Admiral Preston Cole.


During the Insurrection, with more and more rebel cells popping up seemingly everywhere, only to vanish and reappear, the UNSC needed a carrier fast enough to respond quickly, as well as able to strike hard and fast from long range. The 1,440 meter-long Noryang proved effective in this role; although lightly armed compared to other carriers with pairs of MACs, meters-thicker armor, and many more missiles, it packed more than sufficient firepower to deal with the few ships the rebels could field.

However, the Human-Covenant War left little chance for humanity to go on the offensive, and every ship that the UNSC could find was rushed to defend key worlds among the Outer and then the Inner Colonies. Her speed, relatively low cost, and oversized MAC left her still tactically useful at taking down enemy shields and screening the fleet with fighter craft, although like most UNSC ships she had little defense against the alien's plasma weapons.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Noryang's main armament is a single, oversized MAC that deals considerable damage with decent range, but its secondary and tertiary armaments, even its AA guns, are substandard at best. It does, however, have a key ability and useful attributes that make it a useful addition to a fast-attack fleet.

  • Repair: Onboard technicians and highly-skilled repair drones are able to repair the hulls of friendly ships and structures over time.
    • Restores some health to nearby friendly ships and stations.

In keeping with Admiral Cole's strategy around speed and offense, the Noryang is significantly faster and more agile than the Athens-class fielded by Lord Hood or heavier and more expensive carriers like the Epoch-class. It can keep up with the Hillsborough-class destroyer, which it pairs up with well as its more powerful long-ranged main gun is more effective at popping Covenant shielding while the destroyers can screen the carrier and more quickly whittle down the enemy's exposed hulls. It can also field two strike craft squadrons. Lastly, its ability to enact light repairs on damaged fleet members give a battlegroup a much-needed longevity bonus without having being held up by the much more effective but agonizingly-slow Cradle-class.

Her speed and alpha-strike support capabilities come at the cost of armor and the ability to slug it out in a prolonged fight. Although not the most expensive carrier she is still fairly expensive and cannot take a lot of damage; be careful to keep her behind the lines or her speed may land her too far forward. Noryangs benefit the most from engine upgrades adding to their already impressive speed, as well as MAC technology improvements although not as much for other upgrades. If kept behind the line and ready to move where the fight is needed or even to run if needed, they supplement fleet firepower well without sacrificing speed or strike-craft capability.



  • Model - Malcontent1692
  • Texture - Malcontent1692

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