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OAS-class Assault Carrier

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Hull: 15800
Armor: 8
Shields: 83000
Plasma Torpedo Damage: 1250
Plasma Torpedo Cooldown: 2.5
Pulse Laser Damage: 200
Pulse Laser Cooldown: 1.6
Plasma Cannon Damage: 200
Plasma Cannon Cooldown: 1.6
Energy Projector Damage: 4000
Energy Projector Cooldown: 10
Augmented by forerunner technology, the OAS-class Assault Carrier is the most powerful vessel in all of the Covenant Fleet.



The OAS-class Assault Carrier is the single strongest ship in the entire Covenant navy. This titan of a ship is capable of taking out entire fleets by itself.


The OAS-class assault carrier was designed to serve as the personal flagships of the Hierarchs themselves. They are equipped with a forerunner power core that augments weaponry and shielding beyond that of its smaller cousin. The most famous of these warships was the Solemn Penance, which spearheaded the Invasion of Earth at the climax of the Human-Covenant War.  

This vessel displayed its prowess when, accompanied by another OAS and a handful of CCS-class Battlecruisers, blew through Fleet Admiral Harper's Fifth Fleet while shrugging off SMAC rounds fired by Cairo Station. During the Great Schism and the Post-War conflicts, these vessels were prized possessions of a handful of warlords with the significant resources required to field them. With the capacity to field over two hundred thousand Covenant soldiers and thousands of vehicles and aircraft, the OAS is a threat to any planet. When accompanied by a supporting fleet, she is nigh unbeatable.  

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The OAS-class is the most powerful vessel in the Covenant armada, and barring the Infinity-class Warship the most powerful vessel in the game. It is best used as the centerpiece for the Fleet, having weaponry for both close and long range encounters. Unlike the Infinity, which has very heavy single-target damage, the OAS excels at multi-target engagements and supporting its fleet. Because of this, the OAS-class is best fielded with a supporting fleet for better single-target damage while the OAS deals consistent onto the entire enemy fleet.

Ship Type: Titan
Primary Role: Command and Control, Occupation
Shield Power: Extreme
Hull Points: Very High
Armor Level: Very High
Armor Type: Titan
Antimatter: Very High
Weapons (Fore): Energy Projectors, Plasma Torpedoes Silos, Plasma Cannons, Pulse Laser Cannons
Weapons (Side): Plasma Torpedoes Silos, Plasma Cannons, Pulse Laser Cannon
Squadrons Supported: 2-6
Crew Complement: 118,000




  • The Covenant as a whole will lose their titan, and instead the OAS becomes exclusive to the High Prophet of Regret. Regret’s assault carriers lack the incredible firepower and robustness seen in the titan of previous releases, but feature a number of supportive abilities that make it far better than the run of the line CAS-class.


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