ORS-class Heavy cruiser

ORS 81

Cost: CreditIcon1000


Build Time: 43 seconds.
Uses: 25 supply.
Hull: 4000
Armor: 4
Shields: 12000
Experience value: 30
Squadrons: 0
Plasma Torpedoes Damage: 142
Plasma Torpedoes Cooldown:  
Pulse Lasers Damage: 41
Pulse Lasers Cooldown:  
Plasma Cannons Damage: 41
Plasma Cannons Cooldown:
Planet Bombing Damage: 30

Weapons Core Overdrive
Fleet Management
EMP Hardening

Ordained. Reverence. Salvation. The ORS is a dedicated warship enhanced by Forerunner technology - a weapons core, easily outmatching the CCS-class and CPV-class in both armament and durability. Standing primarily for planetary occupation, colonisation and naval command of small task forces, it is also an ideal mainline combat ship.



The only capital ship available to construct without research, the ORS-class is a colony ship which is also equipped with some of the most powerful weapon systems in the entire Covenant fleet.


The ORS-class heavy cruiser is a powerful vessel used to conduct survey and exploratory missions for the Covenant. These vessels function as flagships for small expeditionary fleets when larger, more powerful vessels such as the CAS-class assault carrier aren't available. Many of these vessels had the honor of guarding High Charity during the closing years of the Human-Covenant War, and participating in the chaos that occurred in the Great Schism.

In the aftermath of the Great Schism, these vessels have become invaluable assets to independent warlords who wish to expand their territories. Though expensive to build and maintain, their weapon systems were extremely powerful and, rumor has it, each ORS-class was equipped with a multitude of stealth technology, including active camouflage.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

Thanks to its impressive durability and firepower for its cost, this vessel should be your first build in any game. These ships are more than capable of destroying militia ships, so its no hazard to send it by itself to capture new worlds. Late-game research also allows for this vessel to have excellent late game utility to supplement your fleets, such as increasing the buffs it gives to its fleets and its individual firepower further.

Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Survey, occupation
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: Medium
Armor Level: Medium
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Medium
Weapons (Fore):
Weapons (Side):
Squadrons Supported: 0 - 2
Crew Complement: 25,000



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