Moncton-class Orbital Weapons Platform


Cost: CreditIcon1000 MetalIcon200 CrystalIcon100
Build Time: 42 seconds.
Uses: 2 Tactical slot(s).
Hull: 2350
Armor: 5
Antimatter: 50
Experience value: 30
"Super" MAC Damage: 1500
"Super" MAC Cooldown: 10
A symbol of UNSC defensive might, Orbital Weapons Platforms (OWP's) or SMAC's are equipped with gigantic "Super-MAC's" that can destroy all but the biggest Covenant ships in a matter of seconds


« That MAC gun can put a round clean through a Covenant Capital Ship. »

The Moncton-class Orbital Weapons Platform (OWP), also called the Orbital Defense Platform (ODP) or simply SMAC is a tactical structure in service to the United Nations Space Command. It excels in defending worlds deemed to have high tactical value.

Overview Edit

This is the UNSC's single most powerful defensive asset, an orbital satellite built around a massive cannon that eliminates shielding and punches through armor as if it were not there.

History Edit

The Moncton-class were designed to protect the UNSC's colonies from any threat, and even when the Covenant came along they made humanity's foes pay for every inch with their blood. No human-built ship could survive a blow from its main gun, shields were overloaded with one hit, and even the largest Covenant ships could be destroyed with a single shot in the right place. The UNSC's fortress world of Reach was defended by 20 of these platforms, Camden by half a dozen, and by the end of the war, Earth had a dense grid of 300 OWP's.

These powerful weapons came at a significant cost, however, and the cannons were so power hungry they required power from ground-based generators to function. This made them vulnerable to sabotage, as was displayed during the Fall of Reach. In the same battle, the Covenant fleet also deployed a type of ship agile and long-ranged enough to destroy OWP's without entering weapons range.

Weapons and Tactical Usage Edit

The OWP is armed with a single "Super" magnetic accelerator cannon. This gun has the greatest range of all UNSC MAC's, surpassed only by the main guns of the Artemis-class battlecruiser and the DOS-class supercruiser. It also maintains a high fire rate, incredible accuracy, and immense damage, capable of one-shotting smaller Covenant ships even with full shields, and makes short work of the rest. However, the OWP has no other defenses, not even Helix AA guns to protect against bombers, and it has little armor to rely on should the enemy get too close.

At the beginning of the game, it is best to avoid using these structures. They cost a lot, there are no real threats presented at the beginning of the game, and as such, they are considered quite overkill. But further into the game, it is recommended to build defensive lines around the front-line of any offensive engagements to ensure that UNSC controlled planets are not left unprotected when the fleet goes on the offensive. Make sure that these structures have fighter support or a small fleet with anti-strike craft units, like the Stalwart-class light frigate, otherwise enemy bombers will make short work of these stations. They should also have capable anti-capital ships available in the case that a DOS-class enters the fray.

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