Oroses Commercial Mercantile Station

Trade Station.png

Cost: Credits750 Metal100 Crystal125
Build Time: 45 seconds.
Uses: 4 Logistic slot(s).
Hull: 4500
Armor: 0
Experience value: 30
Allows the establishment of new trade routes.


Overview[edit | edit source]

They are used for trade, which increase credit income, and it is highly recommended as a UNSC player to invest heavily in these stations.

History[edit | edit source]

Oros was one of only a few commercial trading outfits still allowed to operate during the Human-Covenant war. Even with heavy UNSC taxing during the conflict, they helped maintain the economy of many outer colony planets prior to and during the war while making sizeable profits. They contracted and built the Hermes-class Transport Freighter as their premier means of goods shipment.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[edit | edit source]

Canon Reference[edit | edit source]

Oros Trading Company halo.wikia

Made By[edit | edit source]

  • Model - Lord_Set
  • Texture - Annihilater102
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