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Phase Stabilizer

Phase StabilizerCov.png

Cost: Credits1500 Metal200 Crystal 300
Build Time: 50 seconds.
Hull: 8000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 9
Stabilize Slipspace
Creates a Phase Stabilizer Node which allows your empire's ships to travel directly between this planet and any other Phase Stabilizer in the star system.



Used by the Covenant to ensure that their ships can travel large distances through Slipspace with accuracy.


The Covenant have amazing engines on-board all their ships. Where a UNSC ship can travel 2-3 lightyears in 24 hours a Covenant Ship can travel 900 and do so arriving closer to their desired locations than a UNSC ship would. To further enhance the abilities of these amazing engines the Covenant employs massive stabilizer nodes on their furtherest reaching worlds, these nodes ensure that Covenant ships arrive within just a few hundred metres of their desired destination despite enormous distances.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

Exercise these structures liberally, they can be used to great effect allowing you to rapidly deploy your forces wherever they need be, the sheer mobility this provides will help to make up for any lack of planetary defence you may suffer.

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