Sins of the Prophets Wiki

Phasic Barrier[]

A carefully managed balance between cloaking and shield placement allows even underpowered stations to withstand far greater damage from bombardment. This is achieved through the cloak being raised over locations with weak structural integrity and shields being activated to intercept projectiles before they land. The combination of the two effects reduces the impact strength of enemy armaments and ensures that they don't target critical locations.


If you desire the effect can be activated permanently by disabling the auto cast, this will delay the invasion of Covenant worlds and better protect your structures. This should be turned off on frigate factories as they should be constructing reinforcements rather than trying to survive though this should be decided on a case by case basis.


Ability User: Covenant Logistic Structures
Ability Type: Active
Target: Self
Antimatter Costs: 0
Cooldown Time: 5
Duration: oo
Range: 0
  • Construction disabled
  • Structure Work disabled
  • Phased out
  • 33% damage reduction