Phasic TrapEdit

When the threat of Spartan covert ops became all too real to ignore the Covenant began issuing Hangar Defences with unique magnetic trap technology. This technology is loosely based off the same method of navigating Plasma Torpedoes in which magnetic waves are established and funneled. In the case of Plasma Torpedoes, this directs their fire in the desired direction with pin point accuracy, while with the Phasic Trap system it immobilises enemy strike craft in space and suppresses their combat systems.

Unfortunately, this technology system was not without problems. It used up a lot of power and resources to use - resources that could be used to refuel and refit damaged Seraphs, for example. Lastly, Covenant worlds were rarely attacked in the Human-Covenant war, and in cases where they were the planets were backed up by a tough planetary fleet. Thus, the Phasic Trap systems were rarely seen in the latter part of the Human-Covenant war and Post-War period.


This ability is great at suppressing enemy bombers on your planetary infrastructure as well as acting as great rally points for your fleets to eliminate the risk of enemy strike-craft.


Ability User: Hangar Defence
Ability Type: Active
Target: Strike-craft
Antimatter Costs: 50 -> 50
Cooldown Time: 5 -> 5
Duration: 45 -> 60
Range: 7000 -> 8000
Effects(Primary Target):
  • Invulnerable
  • Sub-light Main Engines Disabled
  • Sub-light Maneuvering Engines Disabled
  • Passive Regeneration Disabled
  • Weapons Disabled
  • Phased Out