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Phoenix-class Support Vessel


Cost: Credits2100 | Metal375 | Crystal200
Build Time: 45 seconds.
Uses: 1 command, 30 supply.
Hull: 14000
Armor: 8
Provisions: 30
Squadrons: 1
MAC Damage: 35
MAC Cooldown:
Missile Damage: 54
Missile Cooldown:
AA Autocannon Damage: 30
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Naval Coilgun Damage: 80
Naval Coilgun Cooldown:
Planet Bombing Damage: 60

Firebase Deployment
AI Repair Coordination

Capable of multi-target damage/debuff support to soften up enemy forces.


« I see we made a few... upgrades.
An impressed captain of a Phoenix "Refit"

The Phoenix-class support vessel, also known as the Phoenix-class Refit and once designated the Phoenix-class Assault Ship, is a heavy support ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in planet invasion support and fleet support.


« A highly effective refit of the standard colony ship, Phoenix support vessels function as giant troop transports, supporting its fleet with boarding parties and planetary assault capabilities. While its primary MACs are weaker when compared to dedicated capital cruisers, the Phoenix is armed with an extensive mini-MAC array and is capable of targeting multiple ships at once, making it useful for crowd control.
The Phoenix's shipyard description


At 2,500-meters-long, the Phoenix-class is one of the largest known ships in the UNSC's naval history to lack the official designation of a carrier-class vessel.

First commissioned in 2362, the Phoenix-class ships were designed to transport thousands of colonists from an Inner Colony such as Earth, as well as terraforming equipment necessary to alter the existing atmosphere and/or biosphere to better suit human habitation. Once the terraforming is completed, the colonists settle the planet. On at least one instance, a colony ship was decommissioned to aid in the development of a colony.

Some Phoenix vessels were modified for wartime use and were re-designated a "Phoenix-class support vessel." Once converted, a Phoenix-class ship becomes an extremely effective troop transport and orbital support ship, with the ability to carry large amounts of ground troops and ample supplies to sustain them in the field with little to no external contact for considerable amounts of time. The ship plays a vital role in battle by dispatching dropships to quickly and efficiently distribute supplies near hostile areas, as well as deploy prefabricated firebases to reinforce places of interest. However, despite the conversion of the Phoenix-class from a colony transport ship to a warship, it still lacks the capacity to operate as a front-line ship-to-ship combatant.

They continued their service through the Human-Covenant war and were still in use post-war. UNSC Spirit of Fire was one of these ships that not only survived the war having served with distinction (albeit thought lost with all hands) she continued to battle alien forces over Installation 00.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

As its name suggests, the Phoenix-class plays a supporting role in a fleet. Lacking in firing range and focused damage, the vessel is best kept in the center of the fleet to provide support for your fleet and suppressive fire on multiple enemy targets. It also pairs well with the Artemis-class battlecruiser, as it can stop a priority target in its tracks long enough for the artillery ship to deal immense damage to it.

Being a support vessel, the Phoenix obviously features a wide array of supportive abilities:

  • Reprovision: The Phoenix Support is equipped with many onboard machine shops and manufacturing planets able to produce everything from a Warthog up to a Longsword bomber. Although resource hungry, these plants allow the instant replenishment of provisions for the Phoenix or other ships in its fleet.
    • For a resource cost, instantly refills the provisions for the Phoenix or nearby friendly ships in a small radius. Can be set to autocast.
  • EMP MAC: Fires an experimental MAC slug paired with an electromagnetic payload. This will heavily damage the target's shield, disable it's engines, and cause continuous damage as the systems on the enemy ship overload.
    • Fires a long-range shot that immobilizes an enemy ship, does increased shield damage and causes damage over time. Can be set to autocast.
  • Firebase Deployment: Using Heron dropships, the Phoenix launches several modular, self-sufficient ground-side bases onto the surface of the enemy planet. These bases prevent the regeneration of the planet's health and deal damage over time.
    • Increases bombing damage on a hostile planet and deals damage even if active bombing ceases. Can be set to autocast.
  • AI Repair Coordination: The logistically minded AIs assigned to the Phoenix-class vessels are experts in making use of the ship's onboard machine shops and vast supply reserves to affect underway repairs. It is in no small part due to these improvised yet effective repairs that the Phoenix has gained its reputation for resilience.
    • Allows the Phoenix to heal itself and a number of nearby friendlies. Can be set to autocast.

Although being quite tanky on its own, this ship is still outmatched by most if not all Covenant capital ships and lacks decisive firepower to finish off a similarly sized enemy, so care should be taken to not vanguard an assault with it.


Meant to be replaced by the Orion-class assault carrier as a planetary assault and colonizer, the Phoenix-class has made a comeback as a support vessel, once again available to the player.



  • Reduced hull by 7000
  • Reduced armor by 3
  • Replaced the 'Hyperion Nuclear Missile' ability with the 'Shiva nuclear missile' ability


  • Reduced armor down by 3



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  • Model - Annihilater102
  • Texture  - Annihilater102

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