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Picket Class

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Cost: Credits550 Metal40 Crystal30
Build Time: 21 seconds.
Hull: 2000
Armor: 1.5, heavy
Shields: 2000
Experience value: 24
Laser Damage: 80
Laser Cooldown: 4
The only anti-strike craft vessel in the Covenant Fleet.



These ships are used by the Covenant to counter enemy strike craft enmass.


Originally at the beginning of the Human-Covenant War there was no need for the Picket Class although they existed they saw very little service. This was mostly in part to the shield technology on Covenant Ships being so impressive and their point defence systems being so effective that enemy squadrons were never a threat.

However in 2552 the UNSC introduced the Sabre line of strike craft. This was the first time in the war that UNSC ships were superior to Covenant ships. The Sabres boasted enhanced speed, weapons and shielding technology as well as advanced logistics allowing them to go two for one with Covenant strike craft. In response the Picket Class was employed seeing action in the second wave of the battle on Reach and in the subsequent invasion of Earth.

Weapons and Tactical Usage

The Covenant unlike the UNSC have far more limited anti-strike craft weapons, in turn they have the Picket Class which fires very powerful and fast shots to fill the gap. It is realistically your best defence against an aggressive UNSC bomber squadron as well as the very powerful Sabre-class squadrons.