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Cost: Credits450


Build Time: 25 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 600
Armor: 2
Coilgun Damage: 10
Coilgun Cooldown:
AA Autocannon Damage: 50
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Missile Damage: 10
Missile Cooldown:
Enter Cloak

Shrieker Missiles

Surprise Attack

ODST Boarding Teams

Stealth Raider - Combat oriented prowler with the armament and abilities to conduct clandestine raids on enemy positions.


« Without a trace.
A Razor's captain engaging stealth features

The Razor-class light prowler is a stealth ship in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in wreaking havoc in coordinated teams operating behind enemy lines and scouting duties.


« A small and agile ship labeled by some as an "assault prowler", the Razor is much more combat-oriented than other prowler-type vessels and can be highly effective at infiltrating behind enemy lines and laying waste to resources and orbital infrastructure - making it a rare example of a raiding stealth ship.
The Razor's shipyard description

This ship is exclusive to Vice Admiral Stanforth.


The 96-meter-long Razor-class has been in service since before the Insurrection and has long since been considered an old design. Despite this, however, it is a tried-and-true ONI tool, granted the firepower to carry out raids and create chaos in its wake before fading back into the shadows.

In 2526, a number of Razor-class prowlers were assigned to Task Force Yama, and participated in Operation: SILENT STORM. At least one unit, Ghost Flight, was composed exclusively of these ships. Later, the UNSC Night Watch was tasked to deploy Spartan Blue Team and a platoon of UNSC Marines during Operation: OBLIVION.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

As with all prowlers, the Razor-class can cloak itself to become unable to be targeted by enemy weaponry without stealth detection. Even if caught with the cloak down, it has a 50% chance to evade incoming fire. This and its high speed makes it excellent for scouting or being placed as a sentry to watch for enemy movement.

Compared to even Charon-class frigates, the Razor has no ability to tank damage, is more costly, and has an overall light armament. However, its wide variety of abilities are geared towards disrupting and overwhelming the enemy when they least expect it, either working behind enemy lines to hamper them or soften enemy defenses in advance of the main assault.

  • Shrieker Missiles: Missiles bypass shielding, do high damage, and give allied weaponry a significant chance to bypass shields as well.
  • Surprise Attack: Doubles the Razor's weapon damage and grealy reduces incoming damage for a short time.
  • ODST Boarding Teams: Dispatches elite special forces squads to sabotage and shut down enemy structures.

Micro them wisely, a failed ambush is a costly one with these raiders.



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