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Redemption-class Battleship

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Cost: Credits7500 Metal1000 Crystal1250
Build Time: 48 seconds.
Uses: 175 supply.
Hull: 7799
Armor: 10, capital
Shields: 37800
Experience value: 30
Squadrons: 4
Energy Projector Damage: 530
Energy Projector Cooldown: 10
Laser Damage: 97
Laser Cooldown: 10
Plasma Torpedo Damage: 2000
Plasma Torpedo Cooldown: 12
Blinding Majesty

Distort Gravity
Test of Faith

This massive ship is quite excellent at taking damage and is able to take on entire UNSC fleets.



The single-most powerful ship of its time, the Redemption-class Battleship is an aging design that can outgun most modern designs.


Covenant ships are universally recognized in the UNSC as something to be feared and in awe of however few ships command as much fear and awe as the Redemption-class. Throughout it's history, it's proven to be one of the most incredible and powerful vessels ever commanded with each vessel boasting dozens of kills before their destruction.

The Redemption-class, for all it's power, is still only half the size of the CAS-class assault carrier, and despite their superior capabilities, they are not held in as high regard as the CAS-class is. Command of these vessels regardless is reserved for only the most coolheaded and level commanders since the power in their hands, while immense is limited and the cost involved with replacing and repairing them due to gung-ho commanders is unacceptable.

As the war progressed, the UNSC found out that the Redemption-class had a massive weapon blind spot in its rear, and subsequent tactics exploiting this limited the kill rate significantly. As such, it was replaced by the more powerful and better-equipped OSS-class battlecarrier to replace it entirely, ending the long service of these warships.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

It's important to take one of these ships in every fleet you have to offer support abilities and firepower to your fleet, the cost both in resources and supplies is enormous though so they should not be relied on too heavily. When engaging a fleet of UNSC ships wait before you fire off Blinding Majesty in order to hit the maximum number of targets.



  • Buffed weapons and armor
  • Bumped it up to the Covenant's Titan; it now takes up two capital ship crews as well as its original 175 supply.


  • Replaced the Redemption-class with the OSS-class Battlecarrier



Canon Reference[]

Super-Destroyer (Halopedia)

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