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Regeneration Bay

Regeneration BayCov.png

Cost: Credits400 Metal100 Crystal 75
Build Time: 43 seconds.
Hull: 6000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 6.67
Repairs friendly ships near the planet over time.



The Covenant repair platform, this station can repair multiple ships at the same time.


Though rarely used in the war with humanity the Covenant have employed Repair Stations on a number of worlds, these stations are often used to quickly recharge the depleted shields of Covenant vessels after engaging the UNSC.

Historically these platforms got a lot more use after covert missions would cripple various docking bays. The famous Spartans became infamous in the Covenant for their ability to not only sneak aboard fleet stations but severely damage the vessels docked. More often than not though these missions were so effective that the end result would either cripple Covenant vessels affected beyond repair or outright destroy them. None the less these stations have been noted as excellent additions to any fleet gathering point praised for their role in expediting the destruction of Humanity.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

These stations are best placed on worlds that you want to fall back to after combat to rapidly repair your fleet. UNSC ships are very easy to replace so you will need to ensure that your fleets are fully repaired whenever you go in to combat with them. When on the defence these stations can be used to support your fleets however they are often taken out very quickly.

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