Regeneration Bay RepairEdit

Most Regeneration Bays were not put into much use during the Human-Covenant War, they were none the less praised for their ability to expedite the destruction of Humanity. This was because of the fantastic ability of the Huragok on these stations to rapidly repair the Covenant vessels though the term is used generously since very few repairs were ever made instead favoring shield regeneration.


These stations are great at rapidly restoring your expensive fleet to strength, this is important given that a UNSC fleet will recover very quickly from loss whereas you will not thus it's a very good idea to always engage at full strength.


Ability User: Regeneration Bay
Ability Type: Active
Target: Frigates, Capital Ships, Structures, Starbases
Antimatter Costs: 20
Cooldown Time: 5
Duration: 30
Range: 12000
Effects(Primary Target):
  • Shields Restored /sec 35
  • Hull Restored /sec 15