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SDV-class Heavy Corvette
SDV Corvette New.jpg
Cost: CreditIcon.png 300

MetalIcon.png 40
CrystalIcon.png 0

Build Time: 18 seconds.
Uses: 10 supply.
Hull: 2000
Armor: 4
Experience value: 24
Plasma Torpedo Damage: 25
Plasma Torpedo Cooldown:
Planet Bombing Damage: 30
SDV corvettes, while incredibly weak and helpless in major fleet engagements, can deal significant damage to small targets bolstering invasion fleets.



These ships are used by the Covenant to finish off the glassing process after the main fleet has annihilated a world. They are also used for quick strikes against poorly defended UNSC worlds, sent in advance of a larger covenant fleet for reconnaissance and disruption tactics. SDV's regularly carry compliments of atmospheric craft such as banshees and phantoms along with their massive amounts of invasion forces in order to assist with ground based operations.


The Human-Covenant War saw the Covenant glassing hundreds of Human worlds clean of life. The worlds were varied in size so the practicality of having a main battle fleet remain in orbit to wipe out a planet was in question. The simple answer for this issue was to develop more ships specifically designed to finish off a world after all resistance had been crushed.

The SDV-class would initially focus glassing efforts around major population centers and points of strategic worth, they would glass in a criss-cross fashion until signs of human habitation were destroyed or in extreme cases until life could no longer be supported. During the war these ships didn't see very much action in major engagements due to their lack of shielding, a side effect of their small size which was mostly taken up by the storage of Invasion craft.

Weapons and Tactical Usage

These ships are absolutely superb at quick hit and run missions as they are relatively cheap and destructive. They are particularly effective against the UNSC's lighter frigates and destroyers due to their impressive armament of plasma turrets. Though relatively ineffective in large scale engagements due to their lack of shielding the SDV deals a significant amount of damage and in large numbers can act as a filter between UNSC fleets and the larger Covenant capital ships.



  • Changed the model and texture to make it more canon-friendly
  • Added 2 squadrons


  • Reduced price by CreditIcon.png 50 and CrystalIcon.png 20
  • Reduced supply by 2
  • Removed Squadrons due to AI spamming SDVs
  • Reduced build-time by 7 seconds
  • Reduced hull strength by 3200
  • Increased armor by 1
  • Increased its Bombing damage by 5
  • Changed its bombing animation; it now deploys Spirits and Phantoms to invade enemy planets

Made by

Modeler: Sookendestroy

Texture Artist: Malcontent1692

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