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Sabre Interceptors


Build Time: 25 seconds.
Hull: 625
Armor: 5
AA Autocannon Damage: 83
AA Autocannon Cooldown:
Fighter-killer - While expensive, the Sabre is a perfect defensive fighter to protect UNSC worlds and outshines even many Covenant fighter craft in sheer capacity


« Let's give those Seraphs something to fear.
A Sabre pilot preparing to engage the aliens

The YSS-1000 Sabre, or simply Sabre, is an elite strike craft in service to the United Nations Space Command.

It excels in planetary defense against strike craft and warships alike.


« The best fighter in the UNSC arsenal, Sabre craft are unmatched in survivability or maneuverability even against Covenant fighters. Their pilots represent the absolute peak of skilled dogfighting, trained in advanced interception techniques.
The Sabre's shipyard description


The YSS-1000 Sabre was developed by the Sabre Program in 2547, a top-secret project. However, the fighter proved too expensive to enter full production given the loss of critical Inner Colony manufacturing hubs to the Covenant and the shortage of skilled pilots. The craft's existence has been denied by three separate administrations and the program has remained secret throughout its existence.

The Sabre was designed to offer the UNSC a swift, versatile, and lethal defense interceptor that could engage Covenant forces in deep space and low orbit, preventing them from establishing a dominant position before ground engagements. Intended for the dual purposes of peak acceleration and maneuverability in orbital combat, this is due in large part to a powerful afterburner system. This emphasis on speed and responsiveness enables the Sabre to perform feats that other human single ships cannot accomplish, and even allows the craft to compete favorably with the Covenant's more technologically advanced Type-31 Seraph fighter. The starfighter's engines are maintained and repaired by engine service modules in Sabre engineering facilities inside orbital refit stations.

Sabre production continued after the Fall of Reach, with only a few hundred craft total being built during the Human-Covenant War. In spite of this, the operational squadrons were able to rack up an impressive kill count. Had Reach not fallen to the Covenant, the UNSC planned to attach all Sabres to the UNSC Navy's remaining carriers and then deploy the fighters to lead ships in the most experienced squadrons and battle groups.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

Few craft can massacre human and Covenant strike craft like this interceptor; fighters and bombers alike stand little chance even with a numbers advantage. Their autocannons also have decent anti-ship firepower, allowing the aid bombers in taking down artillery ships which are a grave threat to orbital defenses.

They have some severe limitations, however; mainly that they can only be produced from Orbital Hangars. They cannot be produced aboard carrier ships or even Anchor stations, and thus can only be used defensively in planetary gravity wells. While rather effective against warships, large numbers of AA frigates can deal heavy damage to them, so make sure that such ships or defenses are destroyed to give the Sabres free rein to engage.

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