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Sacred Altar

Sacred RelicCov.png

Cost: Credits750 Metal60 Crystal 80
Build Time: 54 seconds.
Hull: 9000
Armor: 6, module
Experience value: 10
A place from which the Prophets preach to further Covenant civil technology.



Used as a place of worship where advances in Covenant civilian technology are made by reverse engineering recovered Forerunner artifacts.


Throughout the history of the Covenant there have always been Sacred Altars, places of great divinity and purity that attract millions from all over Covenant space often taking on pilgrimages to gaze in awe at the various Forerunner relics that are displayed and researched in these facilities. It's common sight to see hundreds of ships in orbit of these facilities patiently waiting their turn to dock and have their moment with divinity.

Travel through these facilities is heavily restricted, most get only momentary glances at the relics held within before being pushed along by the crowded masses. The majority of one's stay is spent in the enormous Halls of Repentance that can be found all over the facility, inside you can find hundreds of the most devout of the Covenant on their knees in prayer or listening to benediction from the Prophets.

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