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Sahara-class Heavy Prowler

Sahara Heavy Prowler.jpg

Cost: Credits800


Build Time: 46 seconds.
Hull: 1000
Armor: 3
Provisions: 5
Plasma Cannon Damage: 62
Plasma Cannon Cooldown:
Enter Cloak

Executive Action
Deploy Minefield

Stealth Ambusher - Medium-sized prowler able to effectively counter strike-craft and stealthily conduct sabotage ops.



The Sahara-class heavy prowler is an advanced stealth ship in service to the United Nations Space Command. it excels in sabotage and spying.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is well known for being subtle, so much that it is often said that during the entire war they never fired a shot. Though likely to be an exaggeration, it seemingly extended itself to their units. The 281-meter-long Sahara-class heavy prowler is the very pinnacle of the prowler corps and carries an array of surprises that Covenant forces never suspect.

History[edit | edit source]

Sahara-class prowlers entered service with the UNSC Navy by 2526, where each of the three squadrons of Task Force Yama was led by a heavy prowler

Throughout the war, ONI always ensured that a Razor-class was assigned to every available battlegroup to watch both for Covenant forces and suspicious UNSC crewmen. However, ONI analysts discovered cases where the Razor lacked the adequate firepower to distract Covenant forces or attack high-priority structures. In this case, the Sahara was built to address those issues, which it does with extreme prejudice.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[edit | edit source]

As with all UNSC prowlers, the Sahara has a passive 50% evasion chance.

Compared to its smaller cousin, the Razor-class, the Sahara is quite the upgrade. It retains all the stealth features, speed, and adds an anti-ordinance plasma weapon. She also comes with powerful HORNET mines and Shiva nuclear missiles. With the ability to appear and reappear at will, the Sahara can slip behind enemy lines, let loose its powerful nukes, and vanish before the enemy can pick themselves back up.

  • Executive Action: Authorizes the use of a full-power Shiva nuclear missile barrage that deals heavy damage and inflicts heavy debuffs
  • Deploy Minefield: deploys seven HORNET stealth mines which deal heavy damage when tripped by enemy ships. These double as sensor arrays, ensuring that no one sneaks through without taking damage or being spotted.

Despite being called a "heavy" prowler, the Sahara should not be used as a frontline warship. Instead, it should be used the opposite, since its light armor and weapons make it a poor replacement for Cruisers and even frigates. Thus, they should be micromanaged independent of main fleets and used where they can do the most damage. Their ability to plant mines makes them a strong defensive asset, helping to obliterate oncoming invasion fleets, soften them for planetary defenses, or force them into kill zones.

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