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Seraph Bomber

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Cost: Credits0 Metal0 Crystal0
Build Time: 30 seconds.
Hull: 280
Armor: 5, light
Experience value: 11
Laser Damage: 140
Laser Cooldown: 13.5
Squadron of bombers good at taking out larger ships.



Used by the Covenant primarily to take down UNSC SMAC platforms to ensure that their fleet is not at risk from the monolith weapons.


The Covenant has always believed that their weaponry is more than effective enough to make the use of bombers unnecessary, the Human-Covenant war quickly changed this perspective when the sheer power of the UNSC SMACs was made apparent. The Covenant often won decisively in engagement they chose to fight, their devastating power left them overconfident and under the assumption that they were all but unstoppable. When the first Covenant Vessels engaged UNSC SMACs there was not even time to warn the next wave of ships, they were destroyed in their entirety within minutes.

By the time the Covenant were made aware of the cannons dozens of ships had been lost, in response the Covenant started to employ bomber squadrons to strike fast and hard on the vulnerable platforms. The SMAC was suddenly a far less terrifying weapon and their kill count began to decline sharply.

Weapons and Tactical Usage[]

The Covenant have outright superiority in space combat with faster and more powerful weapons as such bombers aren't really necessary for ship to ship combat though that doesn't mean it's a bad idea to take them. However when engaging any UNSC world you will need these bombers to destroy any SMAC platforms that may be in orbit lest you lose your most powerful ships before they even fire a shot.

Canon Reference[]